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Job Category: IT

Job Description

Job title: Middleware Engineer

Job Summary:

We are seeking a skilled Middleware Engineer to join our team and be responsible for managing and maintaining the middleware infrastructure of our organization. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in middleware technologies and experience in designing, implementing, and supporting middleware solutions.

Responsibilities and Duties:

- Design, implement, and maintain middleware infrastructure

- Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to middleware components

- Monitor middleware performance and optimize system resources

- Collaborate with development and infrastructure teams to implement middleware solutions

- Stay up-to-date with the latest middleware technologies and trends

Qualifications and Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field

- 3+ years of experience in managing middleware infrastructure

- Proficiency in middleware technologies such as Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, or JBoss

- Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

- Excellent communication and collaboration abilities

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Required Skills
DevOps Engineer

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