Job Type: Contract
Job Category: IT

Job Description

2+ years of design, implementation, or consulting experience in applications or infrastructures

4+ years within specific technology domain areas (e.g. software development, cloud computing,

systems engineering, infrastructure, security, networking, data & analytics)

Minimum 3 years of technical support and/or systems/solutions engineering, and/or development


Minimum 3 years of experience with HTML and Javascript.

Minimum 3 years experience with Python, Pip, and Virtual Python Environments

Minimum 3 years experience with Python Boto3 Library, and AWS APIs

Ability to run and debug code through an IDE such as PyCharm or VSCode, with the ability to


Setting, stepping over, into, and out of breakpoints

Setting and viewing watches

Observing and modifying variables in the debugger

Usage / benefit of selecting different frames of execution

Minimum 3 years of experience with Linux OS

Required Skills
Performance Architect

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