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Job Category: IT

Job Description

Experience with design and analysis of analog electronics systems: active/passive component selection, gain signal conditioning, input/output filter design, closed-loop control, A/D and D/A, etc..
Design knowledge of power electronics circuits : power supplies, magnetics, and inverters
Experience with developing circuitry schematic design and support PCB design.
Well versed in resolving issues such as noise minimization, reflection, crosstalk, ground bounce, etc.
Experience with Lab Measurement Equipment: network and impedance analyzers, scopes, etc.
Experience with circuit simulators (LTSPICE, PSPICE, etc.) for modeling designs
Experience with developing components qualification and subsystem verification/validation/reliability testing plans and lead execution of plans : including high temperature qualification/verification/validation/reliability.
Skills of document designs, specifications, test plans, revisions and produce test reports
Organizational, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills 

Required Skills
DevOps Engineer

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