Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: IT

Job Description

Designing, deploying, and managing web applications that can run on multiple platforms.

hands-on experience as a React Native Engineer or in a similar role.

Utilizing React Native to design and develop UI components for web and mobile apps based

on JavaScript.

Writing effective, scalable, and reusable JavaScript code can help create interchangeable

front-end modules.

Improving front-end performance by diagnosing and fixing all system errors and bugs.

Collaborating with design, development, and customer service teams to properly understand

client requirements and build top-notch apps within the stipulated time and budget.

Using other JavaScript libraries (like “Redux”) to make asynchronous API calls and enhance

website/mobile app performance.

Creating plans to transition React-based web and mobile apps to React Native.

Planning the data and presentation layer for the front end of all applications. 

Required Skills
Cloud Developer

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