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Job Description

Job Title: Medical Lab IT Support

Job Summary:

someone with a strong background in IT support, particularly with experience in medical instruments and software systems. Here's a summary of the qualifications you're seeking:

  1. Support Experience with Lace Box and Empower Systems: Lace Box and Empower Systems are likely software systems used in medical settings. Experience with these platforms would be valuable for troubleshooting, maintenance, and user support.

  2. Exposure to Connecting Medical Instruments to Desktops: This indicates a need for familiarity with connecting medical instruments, likely for data transfer and control purposes, to desktop computers. This could involve hardware connections and possibly software configuration.

  3. Understanding of Various Medical Instruments in Labs: Knowledge of a range of medical instruments commonly found in laboratory settings is essential. This includes instruments like Plate Readers, Spectrometers, and Calibrators (such as those from Waters and Agilent). Understanding how these instruments function, their maintenance requirements, and troubleshooting procedures is crucial.

  4. Past IT Experience with Vendors like PerkinElmer: Experience working with vendors like PerkinElmer suggests familiarity with the IT infrastructure and systems commonly used in medical and laboratory environments. This could include supporting software and hardware solutions provided by these vendors.

Overall, you're seeking a candidate with a blend of technical IT skills, experience with medical instruments and software systems, and preferably past experience with specific vendors commonly used in the medical field.

Required Skills
laboratory medical instruments

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