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Job Category: IT

Job Description

Job Title: Tolling Back-Office QC Analyst

Job Summary:

As a Tolling Back-Office QC Analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of tolling back-office operations. You will be tasked with conducting quality control checks on tolling transactions, identifying discrepancies, and resolving issues to ensure compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Perform quality control checks on tolling transactions to ensure accuracy and compliance.

2. Identify discrepancies and errors in tolling data and work with relevant teams to resolve issues.

3. Monitor and analyze tolling processes to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices.

4. Generate reports and provide insights to management on tolling back-office operations.

5. Collaborate with internal teams to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in tolling operations.

Qualifications and Skills:

1. Bachelor's degree in business, finance, or related field.

2. Prior experience in tolling operations or back-office support.

3. Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

4. Excellent communication and problem-solving abilities.

5. Knowledge of tolling systems and regulations.

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